Sunday, February 8, 2015


I was heading home from school on one Saturday afternoon and knowing that I would just simply sleep once I arrived home, I diverted and went to watch a movie directed by Angelina Jolie. It was a brilliant decision made and I must say, this was another good movie based on a true life story of Louis Zamperini.

Zamperini was the USA's Olympics athlete who was involved in World War ll. After his bomber plane crashed into the sea, Zamperini and his comrade were adrift in a raft for 47 days before they were saved by none other than the Japanese soldiers. Another chapter began when he had more horrifying moments being tortured as the prisoner of war- but he still survived up until the end.

The lesson learned: war is never good to anyone and this movie reminds me of the Remnants of War Museum which I visited when I went to Ho Chi Minh. 

Go and watch this movie if you want to find the meaning of survival, resilience and redemption. A very inspiring film, indeed and I will be looking for the novel after this.