Thursday, February 12, 2015


a self-designed pencil case

"Give me a pen and I shall doodle." I wish I could say that but I couldn't because I am bad at drawing. I am always envious of people who could simply draw almost everything effortlessly. If you ask me to draw a human being, the end product would surely turn out to be one of the ugly creatures from planet Mars.

I swear if I could doodle something like this, I will quit teaching tomorrow

I believe you need the talent to be artistic and creative, something that you are born with. A gift. I am very sure or this as I have tried very hard, many times, but I fail. *sigh*

PIC#1 - seen in class, Mohd. Farhan's spontaneous work of art, a student from my tuition class in Asrama Semai Bakti Felda.
PIC#2 & #3 - "stolen" from the Facebook page of an ex-student, Miss Iman Hayat.

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