Thursday, February 19, 2015


When was the last time I read a Malay novel? 
It was a very, very long time ago, I couldn't remember when.

How did I manage to grab this novel?
I saw one of the boys in my tuition class was having the book so I started flipping through the page while the students were doing their language exercises.
*beggars cannot be choosers*

How long did I take to finish reading?
Weeks. At first, I read a few chapters during classes but then, the Chinese New Year long break was coming so I didn't have classes with them so I took the novel home to finish it. 
A book is like food you know, you will try to finish it no matter how bad it is.

So how was it?
It was just another Malay novel which was then turned into endless episodes of TV dramas.

What are the lessons learnt?
(1) Mother-in-law (or future mother-in-law) is evil.
(2) Girlfriends and wives are always forgiving.
(4) The bad guy could turn over a new leaf in a blink of an eye.
*sounds familiar?* 

I just hope teens reading this novel will get the RIGHT message the writer is trying to convey.