Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A movie trailer could be deceiving and I became a victim when I went to watch this film yesterday.

Basically it is a life story of someone not significant at all - how someone has grown and developed for the time span of 12 years, with some conflicts in his life. The end. There is nothing dramatic. None.

How bad it is: I was thinking of walking out of the theatre in the middle of the almost-3-hour show, and the whole thing suddenly ended, leaving me feeling there was something not right about this film.

How is this movie distinct from others: The film was done for 12 years, with all the same casts starring in it. TWELVE LONG YEARS! You can see the evolution of the main character, Mason, within the 12-year time frame in the picture below.

ANOTHER WEIRD FACT: This film is expected to win the Academy Awards for Best Film this year. Because it is different from other mainstream movies? I do hope it will win though, at least it would worth the money I have spent.

our CNY break started earlier
Sorry Mr. Solihin I had dragged you into the cinema. We would go for an action movie some other time.

You have to be mentally strong to sit through this lengthy movie. I even overheard the person sitting behind me snoring during the show. *sigh* And I am not making this up.