Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Finally, there is this one good movie everybody has to watch. It is a story of a group of high school students who successfully made a time machine (which was left by one of the boys' father) work. They had so much fun experimenting, going back and forth through time tunnel. As for every action there is a reaction, things got out of control and everything was in a mess and the hero had to go back and fix it.

This film reminds me of another movie:"Edge of Tomorrow" starring Tom Cruise, in which the character was able to travel backwards against time. If you have watched "The Blair Witch Project", you will find that "Project Almanac" was shot using a technique as if all the scenes were done using a handheld camcorder.

And my one word comment for this movie; BRILLIANT! Science and thriller complement each other in such a way that you will start to believe time travel is not impossible.

Go watch this movie before it is too late.