Saturday, February 27, 2016


9th February 2016 ~ On the third day, after the Prambanan tour, we ventured out a bit to a small city on Java Island called Solo. [Refer to the map for a clearer picture of the location of Solo.]

We stopped at one place called Laweyan as it is well-known for its batik industry. First we went into this one batik boutique and while the ladies were busy shopping, the security officer told me that I could visit the batik-making factory which was just nearby. Then only I realized the whole streets were occupied by batik shops and batik-related thingy.

There are similarities between the batik making process between the Indonesian and Malaysian batik. Both use wax and "canting" [the tool that allows the ink/colours to drop on the fabric]. The only difference would be the design. A piece of hand made batik which is painstakingly drawn with intricate designs wold definitely cost much more than a printed one. 

There were rows and rows of batik shops but thank God, the guide only stopped three times at three different shops or else I would be stuck the whole day in a batik village.