Monday, February 15, 2016


7th February 2019 ~ The first historical site of Jogjajakarta we visited was Taman Sari [translate: beautiful/flower garden], the Floating Castle. However, some parts of the place were closed to visitors as they were undergoing renovation work - so we could not see anything floating there. We just went to this one place called "Sumur Gumuling". There were these four staircases that met on top of a well and people used the water in the well for ablution. A circular double-storey building around "Sumur Gumuling" worked as a mosque and to get here, we had to walk through dimly lit underground tunnels.

the tunnel

Because of the unique architecture of the place, everybody was really busy posing at all the possible spots - the door, windows and stairs.

Sumur Gumuling

everyone wants to be a model

the double-storey mosque

The construction of this garden started in the mid 18th century. Taman Sari was actually a very large complex for the royal which comprised of many buildings of different functions and we did not have the time to explore all the places. Do take some time to read about this must-visit HERE.

Mark Zuckerberg was here. So was I.

the guide at Taman Sari, Pak Iman

This was one of the places in the garden we did not see so I guess I would have to make a return trip to Jogjakarta again.

This was only the first historical site we went to. Jogjakarta is definitely the place to go if you like history and culture.