Sunday, February 14, 2016


"Deadpool" is a superhero movie that is not mainstream. If you have watched the movie "Kick-Ass", I would categorize "Deadpool" in the same genre. They are both not as popular as Superman, Batman or Iron Man, but they are superheroes just the same. While the other heroes try to save the world and the human beings from the evils, Deadpool is on a more personal mission. He has to find the enemy, Ajax, who has tortured, disfigured and transformed him  into an ugly person. He believed that Ajax could change his face back to normal.

The movie is quite violent and there would some scenes which are not suitable for young  viewers, so you have been warned. However, overall, the movie is mostly entertaining and funny. It is alright to see some violence actions once in a while, I have watched something more gory before at the movie.

Thanks Mr. Syazwan Shavarein, an ex-student of SMKTUN who, for the movie session, followed by the late lunch and coffee. I would never say "NO" to such activities if the time is right. What a way to wrap up the one week Chinese New Year break.