Monday, February 22, 2016


To get to Merapi, we had to take this jeep ride. The drivers were already waiting for us near the Merapi Museum.

Everything started pretty well but not after we got into the mountainous area. The jeep would get into all the holes and water puddles visible and once in a while would get stuck in the mud. In its effort to be released, mud splashed and flew at all directions.

We thought the bumpy ride was over once we left Merapi but how wrong we were. We were then taken to this small river for another Camel Trophy Adventure, where the drivers would intentionally got water splashed all over us. I was clever, I got myself covered in poncho much earlier so it was not too disastrous for me.

I must say we had a lot of fun on that day. The last time I had such a thrilling experience was during the roller coaster ride in Everland, Seoul.

If you plan to visit Merapi, make sure you get to chance to be driven the jeep. You will sure remember the exciting moment, if you survive the rough but fun trails.