Friday, February 26, 2016


9th February 2016 ~ On the third day in Jogjakarta, we were taken to another heritage site, Prambanan Temple. Unlike Borobudur which was built for Buddha, Prambanan Temple is a shrine of the Hindu Gods. The building was completed in the 9th century, almost as ancient as the Borobudur. There was no mention of this temple in my history textbook though.

The Dutch initiated the effort to preserve and reconstruct the temple after it was abandoned for a long period of time. Among the many reasons of its abandonment were earthquake, volcano eruption, power struggle and the conversion of local population to Islam.

Prambanan Temple has become one of the top tourists' attractions on Java Island. Even though the structure looked strong, the arrival of tourists continuously all year round has posed a threat to this historical site, besides other natural disasters that might strike any time.

This is another must-visit that should be in your itinerary when you are in Jogjakarta, while it is still there.