Wednesday, February 17, 2016


7th February 2016 ~ I never knew there was a museum at "Taman Pelangi". From the blogs that I read, people went there to see the colourful lanterns. As we arrived at the entrance of the park, the staff told us the museum was already closed so we had missed the chance to learn the history of Jogjakarta.

However, we saw people coming into and out of the cone-shaped building so we tried our luck. It was actually still opened and many visitors were still looking at the exhibition in the halls.

The museum is called MONJALI - an acronym of "Monumen Jogjakarta Kembali" [translate: the Return of Jogjakarta Monument]. You could learn the history of Jogjakarta here, from the royal family, the occupation of the Dutch, the fight for independence, and the contribution of some political figures to the development of the city.

This was a very educational trip but that did not mean we could not pose inside (and outside) the museum.