Saturday, February 20, 2016


8th February 2016 ~ The second day in Jogjakarta was the time we went to Merapi Volcano. We had to take a very adventerous jeep ride, but that will be featured in another blog post. For now, let me just focus on the mini museum on Merapi called "Muzium Sisa Hartaku" [translate: the leftover of my treasure]. The ground was grey as that was the actual ash from the volcano.

This mini museum is to commemorate the event when Merapi erupted back in November 2010. People could see the aftermath of the natural disaster which was a terrifying sight. Almost everything was burnt, melted and covered in volcanic ashes. I just could not imagine the horrifying moment the people had to go through, running away from the angry mountain while the sky was heavily covered filled with hot dust and poisonous gases. 

See more photos of the devastating effects of the Merapi eruption IN 2010 HERE.

The owner of the house which has been turned into the mini museum now operates the shops opposite the building.

I am thankful for the life I live as I do not have to suffer what these people experienced five years ago. Let's pray that the volcano will sleep for many more years to come.