Monday, May 21, 2012


I went to another wedding invitation of an ex-student, Zairee Ezzzam Zahuri, held at the Sports Complex in Taman Universiti, with Mr. Masrizal. I used to be close to the older brother of the bridegroom, Zairee Ezham (yes, their names are in fact very similar) and I have known the father of the bride since I first started teaching in SMKTUN. And I managed to meet a few ex-students from SPM batch 1999, if I am not mistaken.

with Khairul Zahari and his daughter
met a colleague, Pn. Zaiti
and her husband, Mr. Foad
with Zairee Ezham,
the brother of the bridegroom
with Gadaffi
It has always been a pleasure to see all these kids (I knew them when they were still kids and consider them still the same) who have grown up to be healthy young adults. Nevertheless, everybody is already occupied with their own lives and families and it is quite difficult to meet up but hopefully we will have time to sit down and chat longer later.