Thursday, May 17, 2012


15th MAY ~ For the school level Teachers' Day celebration, not everybody would be invited to attend because there are just too many people and too little space. So this year we were having class parties for the afternoon session students to give them the opportunity to celebrate this occasion with the beloved teachers a day earlier.

the parties had begun
students with their form teachers
visiting 1KP1 with the Principal
visiting 2KP1
visiting KAA class
girls of 1KP2
post-party activity
I must say the event was a success. We, the teachers and students, enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Food and drinks were in abundance. I could only go to three classes and was scared I might faint after eating so much. Too little time, too much food definitely. I was sorry I could not go to all the classes even though a few took the effort to come up with invitation cards to their classrooms.

Congratulations to everyone and perhaps we could do this again some other time.