Wednesday, May 9, 2012


the hidden mini factory
This took place when I was in Mersing a few weeks ago. We wanted to bring home something. Known for its fishing activities, the best thing to buy from here would be the variety of fish "keropok" - fish chips. However, if you want to get fresher and cheaper "keropok", do not buy them from the stalls near the town area which are more commercialized. You should go to the mini-factories which are located behind the religious school by the main road which is just near the bridge. When we arrived here, the workers were still busy at work but they were kind and friendly enough to let me snap a few photos.

So let's have a look on how "keropok lekor" - a type of thick and semi-dried fish chip, was made.
busy at work
making a dough of fish meat and flour
putting the "dough" in boiling water
leaving the "dough" to dry
"keropok lekor"
dried fish chips under the sun

the happy tourists

By the time this story is written, the "keropok" has almost run out of stock. Not to buy a lot of keropok was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made.