Sunday, May 13, 2012


Finally, we had our first official in-service training for teachers also known as LADAP, a short form of the Malay phrase "Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan". And thank god, it was not done during the school holidays as planned earlier. The first event that was done was the "tahlil" session at the "surau" in conjunction with the upcoming Teachers' Day.

tahlil at the surau

The topic that was delivered was the PBS or School Based Assessment, the latest buzz word in school. Three speakers were from own school shared their knowledge with the teachers of the academic assessment procedures for the form one students, the psychometric assessment (from the counselling side) and the assessment of Physical Education and co-curriculum activities.

friends sitting behind me
the participants
the speakers
speakers receiving tokens of appreciation from the Principal
After listening to the briefing, I was already counting the days of my retirement. People who have planned the whole PBS thing must have NOT foreseen all the difficulties that have already arisen from the implementation of the school-based evaluation thing.

And I think we should not carry out any LADAP session in the school hall anymore as there are too many people and the place is not conducive enough for everyone. I am sure a few people will be willing to contribute if we are to rent a more comfortable and cool place in the future.

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