Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have been blogging for three years already.It started as an experiment but it just went on and on and on. There was nothing much in the blog except stories of myself as a teacher and the life around me. I must admit my blog could never be compared to others' which are more sophisticated, with impressive designs and add-ons. Mine is done using the ready-made template and I do not put any effort to explore more. Perhaps "I just want to focus on the content" could be a valid reason for not being competitive enough.

Hopefully after three years of blogging, I have made my students read some English, rather than not to read at all. My blog does not look educational but learning should take place by accident. I believe that by reading you would already learn a bit, if not much. So not to worry, there will never be any posting related to the Bersih demonstration or political parties or the upcoming general election. It is unethical for us adults to corrupt or influence the minds of the youngsters as they have other things they should be focusing on. (I always have the intention of removing people who keep posting irrelevant issues on the FB wall for everybody to see).

top posts
From the bloggers' statistics, I found that the most famous posting was actually  some sort of an announcement board of the school. The first one was asking the students to come to school with their parents to collect the money subsidized by the government (it is always about money!) and the second one was the lists of new classes for for the new school session. And people visit my blog to get sample essays published as well.

audience viewing the blog
I am quite happy to find out that people overseas are also reading my blog with the USA ranking the second and Russia the third. (I hope those people are not spies) My blog has gained popularity among Qatari or people staying there after I wrote about my trip to the middle east as Qatar is now on the 10th spot.

I guess it is high time for me to change the blog layout but I still need to think hard of the colour scheme as the coulourful fonts may not appear if I choose the wrong wallpaper or design. So happy 3rd birthday to my blog and I think I should start launching a campaign to persuade people to click on the advertisements every time they come visiting.

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