Sunday, May 27, 2012


The Teachers' Day Celebration for Johor Bahru district level was held on Saturday, 26th May at Pusat Islam and I was one of the school's representatives who had to be there. (Someone had to do it.) Registration and breakfast took place between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.

the programme book
the audience of the male section
The hall was not filled to its maximum capacity maybe because of the wrong timing. The school holidays had already started and some people were already somewhere else. Luckily I met some people I knew and managed to sit beside a colleague.

the performance
The ceremony was started off with a performance which was a combination of poetry recitation cum pantomime with singing and the music of violin and flute in the background. It was very dramatic indeed which was a typical Malay presentation kind of thing. 

the entertaining choir group
There was also a choir performance which was more modern and very entertaining - I think they deserved a standing ovation. But then it would be only me clapping hard and shouting "Encore! Encore!" (Of course I exaggerated.) They should have more performance by teachers to attract more people to attend this ceremony.

reading the oath, again,
with Mr. Sa'at by my side
After the routine of prayer recitation, speeches (Thank God they were quite short), reading of the teachers' oath (I read twice this year) and the singing of "Guru Malaysia" song, the event was continued with awards and certificates presentation.

presenting the award to the "Tokoh Guru"
The whole thing ended quite early and we were all rushing back home by 10:15 a.m. The event was quite short I did not have the chance to doze off. We could have gone back earlier if only the VIP arrived on time but it was alright this time so I am not going to complain much. I hope there is no Teachers' Day celebration for me to attend anymore this year.