Sunday, May 6, 2012


The Saturday turned out to be an eating marathon day for me with one event after another. I am quite sure I have grown fatter by now.

I went to attend a wedding invitation from Puan Suzi who used to teach in SK Taman Universiti 1, and her daughter, Zaimah, who is also my ex-student. It was held at the Lucky enough, I had Puan Zakiah, a colleague to go there with and with other ex-students as well.

the invitation card
with the sister 0f the bridegroom and friends
with my fans :)
the bunga telur

I went to Mr. Shavarein's housewarming party at Taman Skudai Indah. In a Malay community, a housewarming party is not like the one you can see on American TV programmes though. I arrived at the right time which was late in the afternoon so there were not many guests at that moment. Too bad I was still full from the previous invitation but the nasi dagang was simply delicious.

should be a selection for tea time
the hosts
in front of the new house

Someone was throwing a party after receiving his first pay. My first time at a restaurant called Tommy's at Tebrau City, it was a good place to eat and hang around as well. The food was hot from the stove and the stove was on your dining table. It was a  tomyam steamboat where you have to "cook" the ingredients yourself .
with Ariff and Aliff
their parents and sister
sumptuous dinner of the day

Thanks Ariff for the treat and for introducing the place. May your boss give you more overtime working hours.