Wednesday, January 23, 2013


some of the afternoon session teachers
The school held its annual Cross Country event for the year today. It was originally scheduled to be done on Saturday but it was raining heavily until afternoon so it had to be postponed. Thank you Allah for the good weather and everything went on without a hitch.

bread not for sale
To manage more than a thousand students at one time was a Herculean task. The afternoon session students were put at the basketball/volleyball court while the morning at the assembly place.

After they had been separated to their different six sports houses, a briefing was given. It was very important to remind them of a few things, particularly the safety and security factors.

Then, everybody had to do the stretching routine to warm up before they started the race. Everyone looked happy and excited enough to take part in the race. 

I have more pictures to upload so I will continue in part two soon.

Some of the pics are courtesy of Pn. Yasirah Yazid.