Thursday, January 10, 2013


From the square, we walked again and the road was going uphill a bit. The number of people increased suddenly and the pilgrimage became merrier. 

Do you see what I see from afar?
And the, from afar, we saw the most prominent landmark of Macau - The Ruins of St. Paul. It was originally a church that was built by Portuguese long, long time ago but what was left behind was only the ruins. It is now one of UNESCO Heritage Sites. Read more about it HERE.

There were just too many people here and everyone was too busy taking pictures. In the end, I think I was observing people's behaviour more than the historic building. 

We saw this one group of Indonesian girls who were conquering the front area of the structure and posing like front page cover girls so I asked one of them to take a photo of us. We just had a few photos together throughout the journey. I have to learn how to use Photoshop after this.

smoked meat
The shops along the road were doing good business. People were flocking around these food stalls selling variety of Macau's delicacies like the smoked meat, ginger candy and topping the list would be the Portuguese Egg Tarts.

Portuguese egg tarts

Ginger candy

fridge magnets anybody?

The souvenir items here were a bit expensive and I was a bit disappointed because I could not test my bargaining skills. So I just bought one piece of fridge magnet for myself. Serve them (the shopkeepers) right!

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