Monday, January 14, 2013


Saturday, 12th January 2013 ~ The first Open Day for 2013 was held in school. Only recently, we started to have the Open Day twice a year. It had been only once all this while. Perhaps, some people think that by organizing such event more often, parents would have the chance to see eye to eye with the teachers teaching their children.

The parents' attendance was not that encouraging though if compared to the sessions we had had in the previous years. As now they could already see and check the children's examination results online, the excitement of getting the report cards from the form teachers was not there anymore.

We also had a briefing for the School Based Assessment (PBS) which is said to replace the ordinary exam-oriented system. Parents of Form One students filled up the hall and they stayed right until the end and listened to the briefing given. The Q&A session was also fully utilized when a few stood up to ask for clarification regarding the implementation of the new system from the speakers.
There will be one more day when parents will be required to come to school VERY SOON for a different reason. We will make a comparison between the percentage of attendance between the two events but it is already speculated that almost everybody will be here in school on that day. We will wait and see.