Tuesday, January 22, 2013


the earliest pic uploaded on FB: parents and students
waiting at the gate
Parents and students, either pro-government or opposition supporters, were already flocking at the school gate by 11:00 a.m. to get the RM100 fund given to the students known as the BR1M scheme. This was something which was the opposite of what we saw when he had the Open Day earlier this year but it was already expected.

the more the merrier

form teachers accepting the money to be distributed for the class

The money arrived in school from the bank at about 10:00 a.m. Considering the fact that there are now more than 2800 student population, we needed more time to distribute the money as well as the money packets  to the respective form teachers, hence the delay. Nevertheless, some parents got furious as they had to wait a bit longer and there were some incidents reported or the one I had to deal with.

counting and putting money in the packets

INCIDENT 1: A father could not wait any longer as he had to go to work. And he told the teacher on duty that the RM100 was not worth the wait as he could get more and off he went. Some people are already filthy rich these days.

INCIDENT 2: If a parent could not come to get the money, then the representative must present the photostat identity card of him/her and of the parent's. One person failed to do so and started to shout and scold at the form teacher. Luckily the teacher was cool enough not to talk back or start a fight.

INCIDENT 3: A very kind teacher called up a father asking whether he would be coming as the counter would be closed by 2:00 p.m. The father was not informed by his son about the event and he was on his lunch break when he received the phone call. He arrived at school after 2 and the teacher had already returned the remaining cash to the office. Knowing this, the father was furious when he could not get the money after all the difficulties that he had to go through and started to shout and use harsh words. I was called by other teachers witnessing this and most probably when he saw there was a MAN teacher, he cooled down a bit. It was just a small matter and the money was actually given to him. If only he could show some respect...

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: It is not easy to be a teacher. *sad*

To all the parents who had come earlier and had to wait, we would like to apologize for the delay and THANKS SO MUCH for understanding the situation we were in. Most probably, next time (if there is a next time), we will start the session a bit late, let's say at about 12:00 noon.


RM100 successfully handed over to students/parents

At 1:00 o'clock, another event was held at the school hall. A state parliamentary member was invited to give away the money to selected 100 students in a more formal session. The school decided to choose the class monitors and students whose parent is the academic staff of the school.

registration counter

the event in the hall

speeches by the PTA's Chairman and the guest of honour

money given away on stage
happy students with the VIP

happy teachers with the (borrowed) money packets
And by 3:00 p.m. everyone hurried home with or without the RM100 (or more), feeling happy but tired. 

Pics taken from the FB of Mr. Faisal, Pn. Yusidah and Pn. Yasirah.