Friday, January 4, 2013


2nd December 2012 ~ After a day spent at Macau, we went to the last night market that was called Temple Street Market. Actually we found this one by accident after asking for directions from a local. There was one before the Temple Street Market, and after that, the market seemed to extend to another one more market.

Basically the items on sale were almost the same with what we saw in Ladies Market, and even in Shenzen. The basic skills of haggling are required - haggle till you drop. However, here I met one very friendly stall owner who kept laughing all the way through the bargaining process after I uttered a few Mandarin words. I think they were impressed if a foreigner could speak in their mother tongue but the danger of it would be they would be responding with lengthy sentences in Cantonese as if you could understand everything.

taking a short break Hongkongese style
Surprisingly, the row of stalls along the roads seemed to be endless and we got we were looking for to bring home. Your stay in Hong Kong will not be complete without visiting its night markets.
waiting for the train to the hotel
Hong Kong could be a good place for people to shop but I was not there to do that. Just by walking and observing the night market could be something enjoyable and this has been one of the major tourists' attractions of the city.