Thursday, January 31, 2013


I do not write about social issues, politics, sports and as such in my blog. However, when I saw this picture on the front page of the Malay newspaper "Utusan Malaysia", I know I have to say something about this. The image is still imprinted in my mind until this very moment, the picture of a sad baby elephant beside the body of its either dead mother or father which was trying to wake it up. And my heart breaks seeing this.

According to the newspaper, 10 elephants were found dead and they were believed to be poisoned by a logging company operating nearby. The latest report stated that three more bodies had been found so altogether 13 elephants had died. The elephants had consumed poison that could either be natural or pesticides. And there was a strong suspicion that foul play was the main cause of the death.

In another news report, the 3-month baby elephant which was named Joe, had already been sent to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park and I hope he would get all the love and care that he needs.

It was quite sad to see animals were killed in such a cruel way. Perhaps the elephants had posed danger to humans who had intruded into their territory but was killing the only way how problems could be solved?

First we kill animals and then, we will not hesitate to kill each other. Where is the love?