Saturday, May 18, 2013


Wednesday, 15th May ~ Another class party was held in conjunctions with the Teacher's Day. Only selected few of the afternoon session students were asked to attend the school level celebration the next day so this was in a way to give them the opportunity to have some fun time together with their teachers.

walking all the way into school carrying a big cake


Too much food and I was sure the fast food outlets in Taman Universiti, like McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut,  made good sales on that day. I did not eat much actually and most of time was spent walking around the block, sharing the happiness that could be seen from the smile on everybody's  face.

my very first Teacher's Day present of the year

Congratulations to all the teachers, especially the form teachers who had organized the party for their classes, and the students who had shown high enthusiasm and support to conduct such an event.