Monday, May 27, 2013


Most of the time people will refer to this airport as Denpasar Airport rather than Ngurah Rai International. (Ngurah Rai was the hero of the Island who fought against the Dutch.) The airport should be one of the busiest places on the island with local and international tourists arriving and departing all year round.

One thing that I like about the airport is that there are shops selling authentic Bali souvenirs at reasonable prices. Maybe the items could be cheaper outside.

The second thing that I like is this big mural on the wall at the waiting lounge which depicts the life and activities of the people in Bali. It was drawn by cartoonists of a local comic company there.

We had a pleasant experience departing than arriving as there were no queue when checking in at the ticket counter and a very small crowd at the lounge. I guess the 5-day journey to Bali ended there and I wonder whether I will set foot again on the island some other time. (However, a few of my friends did go there more than once.)