Monday, May 13, 2013



SUNDAY, 12th May ~ The first wedding invitation came from Puan Hajah Fatimah Hadi who was my colleague before she moved to SMK Taman Universiti 2. She is now the Principal of SMK Tanjung Adang. Her first son whom I think was also an ex-student of SMKTUN got married. I met a few old friends there so it was like a mini reunion.

Pn. Fatimah's husband, me, Pn Fatimah, Pn Munaliza, Pn Norlida 
and Pn Zainab


The second invitation came from an ex-student. Mr. Mohd. Nurfairuz Azman from SPM batch 2001 (if I am not mistaken). There was this nan bread on the buffet table and it was a brilliant idea to serve that as an alternative to the guests, especially when they had to go to a few receptions on one day. The nan bread was actually prepared  fresh from the oven.


The third wedding invitation was also from another ex-student, Aziana Mohd. Ali and I could not remember which batch she was from. I was extremely happy when an ex-student remembered to invite me over to her big day although we were not in direct contact anymore (except on Facebook).

The special food here was apples that had been turned into a dish to be eaten with rice. My very first time eating this and it tasted not bad at all.

Another special thing at this wedding was that the family members were dressed in Indian traditional costumes which had made it unique for a Malay wedding. Another first time for me.

The weather was very hot and I had eaten quite a lot for the day but I was glad that I managed to go to three different venues in one day. Luckily they were all located near to each other so it was not a big problem except I had to plan the appropriate time for each event.