Saturday, May 25, 2013


24th May ~ This trip was carried out with the ex-Kadet Bomba boys from SPM batch 2012. The funding came from our hard work from the profit of doing Rose Dedication for Teacher's Day for two consecutive years. Nine members (one was a replacement) went on this trip but too bad, a few of them could not make it due some unforeseen circumstances. So here's the report in chronological order:

3:30 a.m.: Arrived at TBS bus terminal in KL. There was one restaurant still operating so we sat there while waiting for "Subuh" prayer before getting the train to KL Sentral.

6:20 a.m.: Hopped on KLIA Transit to KL Sentral

6:30 a.m.: Had breakfast at KL Sentral before moving to another station.

7:45 a.m.: Took the LRT to Gombak Station.

8:30 a.m.: I met my friend, Mr. Ridwan, who had helped me buy the "Go Genting" tickets a week earlier. 

9:00 a.m.: Hopped on "Go Genting" bus.

9:45 a.m.: Arrived at the Skyway Cable Car Station. The were not many people at this hour so the queue was short.

10:30 a.m.: Went into the Genting Outdoor Theme Park. There were still not many people yet.

FIRST RIDE: the Spinner - the swings that went round at high speed and people would be swinging into outer space and shouting as if they would be thrown off from their seats. Not that scary but I felt a bit dizzy after that.

SECOND RIDE: Space shot - 12 people will be sent up high into the sky and then they would be let go and fall to the ground. I LOVE this one as I felt like flying. Surprisingly, only five of us tried this and the other five chickened out. 

THIRD RIDE: CorkScrew - The rollercoaster ride that would not be suitable for the faint-hearted ones. It was very scary but iI just closed my eyes all the way and everything was over in less than one minute.

RIDE FOUR: PIRATE SHIP - Many more people started arriving and queue was getting longer. Everybody went on the pirate ship that would swing horizontally perhaps to the angle of 180° but I got nauseous even before the ride ended. I had to control myself not to vomit on the ship and there would be a lot of mess especially when it was moving at a high speed.

1:00 p.m.: It started raining and most of the rides in the outdoor park were then closed. We went into the plaza and had lunch at a McDonald's outlet, hoping for the rain to stop.

Unfortunately, the rain continued right after 6:00 p.m. There was not much we could do. We still braved the rain to visit the Dinosaur Park which was occupied by the prehistoric creatures.

The boys then decided to play bowling. I didn't - I never bowl in my entire life and if I bowled at that time, I was quite sure I would create history as someone might have to come and clean the floor. I was still not feeling okay. While the others were having some fun at the bowling arena, I dozed off to sleep.

The plaza which housed the indoor theme park was quite small and there were too many people in it. Where did all these people come from? I didn't know Genting Highlands could attract so many tourists especially from India and China.

6:30 p.m.: We went out from the park but not after getting a few photographs taken.

7:00 p.m. - This should be the longest queue and the biggest crowd I had been with. The last one where I had become lost in the crowd is when I was at the Macau checkpoint in December. Everybody was getting down from the hill at the same time it seemed. The line was very long and zig-zagging all the way, just like the Great Wall of China. Nevertheless, despite the long queue, it was moving smoothly and everyone was disciplined enough not to overtake the turn expect these few people whose nationality I would not disclose but I think they were already forgiven. We only managed to get into the gondola at 7:45 p.m., after 45 minutes of waiting.

8:15 p.m.: We reached the bus terminal and thank god we went out earlier from the park or else we would be stuck and miss our 8:45 bus to Gombak LRT Station.

10:15 p.m.: Reached TBS Terminal. 11:45 p.m.: The bus left the terminal and finally 3:00 a.m.: The bus reached Johor Bahru. So I guess that was the end of the trip for the group. After this, they will all go separate ways and I hoped this had been a memorable outing for everyone. From my experience, it would be quite difficult to organize this kind of get-together again as everybody would not have the same semester break but who knows, maybe we could try doing similar thing in the future. Thanks a lot to (1) Azry (2) Asyraf (3) Hanif (4) Hafizul (5) Azam (6) Muazzam (7) Faezi and (8) Mirza, and (9) Syahir for willing to replace one empty seat. Hope you all had had a lot of fun.

As for me, I think I should not take any extreme rides in the theme park anymore - it must be old age. *sigh*