Wednesday, May 1, 2013


our late breakfast

The events that we competed in finished quite early. We thought there was a chance to go back earlier but unfortunately, we had to wait for all the events to finish before the closing ceremony. With nothing else to do, we just enjoyed the food and lazed around the fire station, making ourselves very much at home.

after breakfast, waiting for lunch

queuing up for lunch

lunch time - picnic style

post-lunch activities

they could just sleep anywhere, anytime

the closing ceremony

getting the certificate

Of course we did not win anything but I believe that it was a very fun learning experience for the cadets. We saw a lot of new things and if we were to be chosen to go again next year, we would be more prepared.

the ultimate group photo

We went off at about 5:30 p.m., feeling tired but happy. The students had participated in an activity at state level and would be awarded a higher mark for their co-curriculum evaluation. 

I hope many other members will come forward to join Kadet Bomba's activities that will be planned at school level. Frankly speaking, I am quite worried as lesser people are showing interest to come for meetings and activities held regularly in school.