Tuesday, May 14, 2013



We actually went to three mosques when we were in Bali. However, the first one was located in a smaller village on our way to Lovina and we stopped for our Subuh (early morning) prayer and I was just waken from my sleep so no pictures were taken at all.

The second mosque was the one that we went for our Friday prayer - Al-Hidayah Grand Mosque. It was located on top of a hill right beside Pura Ulun. Therefore, once you are at there, you would be able to see the picturesque view of the lake and mountains in the background, if there is sunshine. The upper floor of the building was still under construction, believe it or not, but people were still using it for Friday prayer due to the small praying hall.

after the Friday prayer

sarong clad

the view of the lake and mountains


We went to this mosque on the last day, before going to the airport. The architecture was quite simple but it was very spacious and comfortable.

As there are not many mosques in Bali, having a tourist guide helped a lot. And if you could get a Muslim tourist guide (for Muslim travellers), they will be very accommodating of our needs.