Friday, May 3, 2013


Thursday, 2nd May ~ When two (old) friends from KL informed me that they would be going to Johor Premium Outlet and a dinner date might be possible after that, I got extremely excited. Not knowing where to take them for good food, I quickly posted on my FB, asking my colleagues of this particular restaurant in Taman Universiti, asking whether it was good or not. After reading the positive responses, I decided we would go Indonesian for the evening.

Right after school, and after these ladies had done shopping, I went to fetch them at JPO, and then only drove to Taman Universiti, while they followed from behind.  The name of the restaurant is Santap Sunda Sawargi, by the way. We started ordering and asking around before going helped a lot in deciding the menu for dinner.

What we had were: nasi embel of grilled fish and chicken, fish in sambal (chilli paste), prawn and squid sate, and lastly, for dessert, a variety of fruit cocktails.

The food was good, The price was reasonable. And most importantly, the guests and the host were very happy.

They had to make their move by 9:30 p.m. as they had to drive all the way back to KL. Thanks Hazlina Aziz and Suzanni Amin for the short visit. Next time you come to JB, we go and eat some more. :)