Thursday, January 30, 2014


29th January 2014 ~ Puan Yusidah and I were invited for a dinner treat by an ex-student from SPM batch 2003, Miss Michelle Fatinidris (her Facebook name).
It was hard to turn down an offer for a free meal so we went to "Mama Chops Papa Grill" at Taman Universiti, not only to eat but as usual to catch up lost time.

Pn. Yusidah's son who tagged along

and another one

the restaurant's regular customer

I still remember this one incident back in 1994 when we were placed in a primary school (SKTU2) as our school building construction work (the final stage) was still in progress. Once, during recess time, I was staying in a classroom and suddenly a cute and small primary Chinese girl appeared at the door and asked me, "Teacher, have you eaten?" And she is that girl who has stayed bubbly and cheerful all this while.

Thanks a lot Michelle for the dinner treat. Hopefully you will get a promotion real soon and can treat us again some other time in the future. :)