Saturday, January 18, 2014



The first ex-student who invited me to her wedding reception was Shazwani Ahmad Shahlan from SPM batch 2002 and both her elder brother and sister, and sister-in-law are also my ex-students so I was not a stranger to the family anymore. The event was held at their house in Kampung Melayu Kangkar Pulai.

There were quite a number of ex-students from her batch attending the reception so it was some kind of an unplanned mini reunion taking place.


The second wedding was held in Menara Tabung Haji in town and that was my first time going to that place. I was invited by another ex-student, Siti Arina Rashid. I was there quite late and there were not many people at the hall anymore. The good news was that it was easy to get photographed with the bride and groom.

Wishing both the newly-wed pairs a happy and wonderful life filled with love throughout.

If you are wondering why I was wearing my "baju melayu" (traditional attire), I was actually from school after attending "Maulidur Rasul" - the celebration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and was too lazy to change into my t-shirt.