Thursday, January 9, 2014


This should be one of the famous streets in Wellington. It was mentioned in all the travel blogs/websites I read. I was there twice: on the second day when it was already dark and raining and on the third day when it was bright and scorching hot. The latter was more happening than the first. This is the street where people come to party. Most probably I did not witness the happening either I was there at the wrong time or I am not a party animal.

This should be the most prominent landmark of the site which is called "The Bucket Fountain". Read about its history HERE.

There are rows of shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and halal food outlet. I found two or three Malaysian restaurants here but you have to ask about its halal status first as operators could be non-Muslims.

Basically, that was all I had done and seen throughout my four-day stay in Wellington. I could not go out on the fourth/last day as the weather was really bad in the morning and I had to get to the airport in the afternoon. It was a pleasant stay and I was glad that I had decided to get there before going to other places in the South Island.