Friday, January 31, 2014


2nd December 2013 ~ We went on the boat cruise on Lake Wakatipu with "Southern Discoveries" tour. It was not that expensive, about NZ$20 and you would be given coffee and a chocolate cookie on the boat.

We were lucky as there were only 9 passengers including us on the boat, a couple from India, two girls from Korea and a family of three from China. Hence the boat operator cum tourist guide, Steve (I hope I got his name right), could give us his undivided attention. We could ask him questions easily because other people seemed not to be communicating with him except the guy from India.

We were there on the boat to witness the beauty of nature - the lake, the mountainous lands surrounding the area and the blue sky, and at the same time listening to the guide telling us everything about the place.

At one spot of the lake, Steve stopped the boat and threw a pail into the lake. Right after that, the boat passengers were served with the cooling lake water, and I am not joking. I would not hesitate to gulp in the crystal clear lake water even though there was no urgent need to do that.