Monday, January 13, 2014



We continued walking and saw this building which was going through a restoration process. It looked like a chapel/church to me.

Then there was these small shops that were constructed on a piece of land in the housing area. I did buy something from here, I think it was a fridge magnet of Christchurch.

Then we found this Dyslexic Centre with a sculpture of a girl reading and when we sat on the "chairs", there would be voices coming out from the hidden speakers. People could also make a donation here by dropping coins in the box.

a hotel

a bagpiper at work

Then we went to this one place where there were shops that were operating in shipping containers that were painted with bright and vibrant colours. This shops were actually relocated here after the original buildings were destroyed during the February 2011 earthquake. I just found out the name of this site is Cashel Mall. We were there quite late so almost all the shops were already closed.

a poem on the wall

you have to pay to experience earthquake

Surprise! Surprise! We found a big sign board with a piece of information of a Malaysian who must have made a big name in Christchurch through his work of arts. I googled and he was actually a prominent figure in the world of modern arts. Read more about Roslishan Ismail, a.k.a Ise HERE. Malaysia BOLEH!

a hotel also under restoration

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