Saturday, January 18, 2014


5th December ~ With just a few hours left before I had to leave Christchurch and my ex-student, Mr. Hamzah Hamdan, we went to this Air Force Museum which was located near the city. It was another free museum and at that time, there were just a few visitors. As the name suggested, you could see everything that was related to the air force, especially how New Zealand had been involved in the world wars and peace-keeping missions around the world.

It was really amazing how so many war crafts had been housed under one roof for people to view in close proximity. The museum looked quite new to me and I believed it would be expanded with more exhibits in the near future.

And that was actually the end of my short stay in Christchurch. Thank God, I did not experience any tremor or earthquake when I was there but I am sure there are still places not yet seen. I might come back later for more, who knows.