Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The first pit stop of the amazing race against daytime was the Canterbury Museum. We had about an hour to get into the building and that was great or else I would not have the chance to step foot inside at all.

I was happier here as I had more self pics taken because there was someone who could do that for me (and I did that for him also). I hate selfie.

As usual, the history of the indigenous people of New Zealand, i.e. the Maori was told in great detail. 

In Canterbury Museum, we visited a unique house called Paua House. ("Paua" in Maori means "shell"). The house was creatively decorated with colourful shells and even the walls were adorned with hundreds of shells. This should be a unique idea if you intend to decorate your house for the coming festive season.

Another highlight of the museum was the expedition to the Antarctic which was not that prominent in other museums that I had visited.

This was another huge place to explore and there were sections that we could not get into as it was time for visitors to go out. Too little time but too many things to see. Suddenly I was hoping I could a spend a night here like the movie "A Night at the Museum".

NEXT: Christchurch Botanic Garden 

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