Saturday, January 4, 2014


To have a botanic garden in the city itself would be something that I would not get back home. Located at a higher ground, this was a very large place which would be a very perfect area for strolling while observing the green surrounding. I could just sit there for hours either reading or doing nothing - the weather was pleasant with cool air and birds chirping on the branches above. And, there were blooming flowers everywhere.

The cactus garden

The Treehouse Visitor Centre: information cum education centre

The duck pond

can you see the ducks?

I actually had no idea how large this garden was. I took the cable car to get up here (remember?) and spent more than two hours walking and looking and took the exit that led me back to the Parliament buildings.

one of my favourite pics

old graves on the way down the hill

After reading the website of the Botanic Garden, there were certain spots that I did not explore. According to the information, people could also see glow worm if they go to this one site at night. How cool is that?

crossing a highway using an overhead bridge
which connects the city to the garden

NEXT: Flowers of the botanic garden and after that, roses in abundance at the foot of the hill.