Thursday, July 10, 2014


[DAY 4] 5th June 2014 ~ The museum in Yokohama that sure would attract people to visit is the Cupnoodles Museum, which I think is the only one in the world. It is a museum that illustrates the history and development of cup noodles in Japan particularly, as it was the place where the food originated.

instant noodles from Malaysia

cup noodles on the wall

press the objects and shadows will appear accompanied with
sound effects

Some of the displays were interactive which would amuse both the children and adults just the same.

making noodles in a traditional house

cup noodles factory
Visitors could also try to make their own cup noodles but they have to pay extra. Other than creating your own noodles, you have to also design the cups and eventually, bring back home your own cup noodles.

There was also an activity centre, for kids I supposed, but we did not enter to see what was inside as people would have to buy tickets.

Then there was this food court where visitors could try variety of noodles from all over the world. The surrounding was authentic that I started to believe I was sitting under the sky at a stall back home in the evening. We just tried the ice-blended ice-cream, as there were two people who missed the local ABC (mixed ice blended).

If you are visiting Yokohama in the future, please don't forget to stop by at this amazing place. There are many things to see and do here and you will see cup noodles differently from what you have seen them before.