Friday, July 4, 2014


[DAY 4] 5th June 2014 ~ Adjacent to the big ship, the Nippon Maru, was the Nippon Maru Memorial Park a.k.a Yokohama Port Museum. Why it is called a memorial park, I am not sure but in Malaysia, a memorial park refers to something else. This was my very first museum visit when I was in Japan. *yeay*

This museum tells the story of the history of Yokohama - how the city has developed to become one of Japan important city ports and also at one time, when the port was destroyed due to heavy bombing during the WWll but was rebuilt again.

Photography is prohibited in the exhibit area. Too bad as there were many interesting things that I could share with the readers. Most of the photos were taken at the entrance, foyer or the museum exit.

This museum was a fun place to visit and there were some interactive activities that people could try. I really loved the one where we could manouevre the a cargo from a ship in a harbour, complete with a crane and a lorry, vice versa. The other one would be a simulation which allowed a visitor to steer a ship into a harbour.

While we were walking, there was this Japanese lady, a museum staff, who approached us. She had stayed in Terengganu a long time ago for 5 years and could speak a little Malay and we had a short conversation. We were glad to meet her and I think, she was also happy to get to meet Malaysians at her work place.

This was not the only museum we visited in Yokohama. Surprisingly, there were some more.