Saturday, July 12, 2014


This was the shop that I found while walking to Showa Kinen Koen in Tokyo. Being the curious me, I went inside and asked permission from the young and sweet girl at the counter to take photos and my wish was granted. The ILOCA Farmer's Market sold fresh vegetables. I would not hesitate to cook my daily meal, or eat a lot of vegetables, if I were to become a resident of the city by looking at the agricultural products.  The shop was unbelievably clean to be one that sold vegetables and everything was arranged in an attractive manner.

My happiness was short-lived when an elderly man appear and signalled to me that I was not allowed to take photos. Well, too late, old man but I was there with a good intention. The shop gets a free promotion in my blog.

Too bad I couldn't find any information when I tried to google for ILOCA as all the websites are in Japanese so you  could try and search for more information on your own. :)