Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This was the hotel I stayed at for 4 nights when I was in Tokyo. It was Toyoko Inn at Hashimoto and there are many other Toyogo Inn in the city. It was very near to Hashimoto Station - Hashimoto Station at one end and Shinjuku at the other end, the whole stretch is known as the Keio Line. The train journey from one point the other took about 45 minutes. So the hotel was a bit far from the city but it was much cheaper and breakfast was also provided.

This is the famous toilet with buttons in Japan. My regret was for not trying to find out on the internet before going about the functions of each button. Everything was in Japanese and I did not dare to press any, just in case something bad might happen. If you are planning to go to Japan and want to know how things work, read about it HERE.

The hotel was a great place to stay especially for people who are on the go and do not need to be in the hotel room all day long. I would recommend this place if you do not mind the train-hopping.