Monday, July 14, 2014


[DAY 4] 5th June 2014 ~ After one long day in Yokohama, it was time to get back to Tokyo and get our hungry stomachs filled. Someone had a craving for barbecued meat so I was taken to this one halal restaurant near the Shibuya area. Finding the restaurant was not easy as it was raining and we had to take a cab to get to the place.

The restaurant was just a small eating place but very cozy and Japanese. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. According to Miss Dyana, the owner is a Malaysian who is now a very rich man.

So we had dinner which consisted of self-barbecued beef and chicken, a bowl of rice each and two scoops of ice-cream shared by three people. One scoop was complimentary as it was sent to the table even though we did not order the second helping so it was free. Knowing that we are Malaysians, small bowls of bottled "sambal" [mashed chili] were served and we even asked for more.  

That was the last eating out trip I had when I was in Tokyo. All in all, I had a fair share of Japanese food when I was there for 5 days. Thanks to the local temporary residents for the gastronomic adventure around Tokyo. I am sure I would just eat food I brought from home if I was to travel without anyone accompanying.