Saturday, August 6, 2016


5th AUGUST 2016 ~ A friend from UPM TESL 1993 came visiting with her husband and daughter, all the way from Seremban. It was Puan Sakinah Ismail's first time seeing me at home and the second time for her husband. 

Since I didn't cook (and something I should learn to do after I have retired), the best thing to do was to serve the family with authentic Johor Bahru's foods namely: "Kacang Pool Haji", "Murtabak Kampung Melayu" and "Tauhu Bakar". It was easier for me as when I asked, Puan Sakinah told me that she wanted to try the famous "Kacang Pool".

We have other plans to do the next day.

I am truly excited.