Thursday, August 18, 2016


When I first visited Gardens by the Bay back in 2012, I did not have the opportunity to see the Supertrees as I left the place earlier before the trees were lighted up. This time, we stayed a little bit longer and waited for the sound and light presentation at the Supertrees Grove. the show started at about 7:30 p.m. and by that time there were already many people sitting on the grass.

I found that the Supertrees looked breathtakingly beautiful from afar though. 

Here are a few interesting facts about the Supertrees I found from Gardens by the Bay Homepage:

1.Over 162,900 plants comprising more than 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers are planted on the Supertrees.
2. 11 of the Supertrees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions like photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy.

3. Each Supertree consists of four parts: a reinforcement concrete core, trunk, planting panels for the living skin and the canopy.

Marina Bay Sands Resort - an iconic landmark nearby

That was the end of my very short trip to Singapore with my friends, Puan Sakinah Ismail, her husband and daughter, in one day. It was a very tiring journey, as we got stranded again at Singapore Immigration checkpoint and only arrived in Johor Bahru a few minutes before the clock struck 12. However, we still went to get our late dinner cum supper after that.

Thanks a lot for the time and company, and hope we could do this again some other time in the near future.