Friday, August 19, 2016


a very beefy bowl of noodles

4th June 2016 ~ I did some research before going and went ahead with my gastronomic adventure just for this bowl of (halal) beef noodles in Taipei. The restaurant is located near to Sun Yat Sen Memorial so that should make my hunting easier

free flow of Chinese tea 

preserved vegetable (looks like cabbage) and mashed chili
The bowl of beef noodles was hot and spicy, and very beefy. I could feel sweat trickling from my neck down my back while savouring this steaming dish that just came out of the pot.  

When I was there, there were all Chinese people and of course I did not know whether they are Muslims or not. However, there was a "HALAL" sign on the restaurant's signboard as well as Arabic words. If you are not convinced enough, there were also the photo of Kaabah in Mecca and Arabic calligraphy in the dining hall.

Here is A PICTORIAL GUIDE how to get to the restaurant:

[1] Take exit 1 of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station.

[2] Walk straight and turn left at the first junction.

[3] Keep walking....

this is NOT the restaurant but you could see it
on your way there

[4] After a short while, you could see a shop with a white signboard and the picture of a bull/cow in red with the word "HALAL" in Arabic.

You have arrived at your destination.

I hope you will enjoy your beef noodles here. 

P.S. You do not have to use Waze anymore.