Wednesday, August 31, 2016


6th JUNE 2016 ~ This building is a centre which housed a museum and cultural centre of the indigenous people of Taiwan. Do you know that the island was originally inhabited by Taiwanese aborigines before people from the Han dynasty of the Chinese mainland emigrated there? The native people were linked to the Austronesian peoples of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagascar and Oceania. Looking at the exhibits on display, I was not surprised to observe the familiarity. It is believed that these people sailed from Taiwan down south to New Zealand and Hawaii, and as far as South America.

Read about the interesting story of the original people of Taiwan HERE.

The place was a small one but the exhibits were informative and attractive. The place was managed by senior citizens who could be volunteers and they were really friendly. I was even "forced" to pose at many spots when I asked one of them to take a photo of me. And I happily followed his instructions.