Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The other building in Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest. This is a gigantic glasshouse equipped with an artificial waterfall cascading. It is like a tropical forest being preserved in a a very huge glass bottle.

If you are planning to visit this place, make sure you will be wearing a pair of suitable shoes for walking, preferably sports shoes. Definitely no high heels and at certain places, the flooring could be wet and a bit slippery.

using Lego bricks to create exotic plants

Even though it looked as if there was a mountain climb to get up there, I could not even remember how I ended up so high in the air. You just simply have to walk on the elevated ground which was not steep at all and suddenly you will be walking on the bridge.

rock formation

watching a documentary film

The best part of Cloud Forest is that it was so real that I thought that I had done both jungle trekking and mountain climbing at the same time.